Insurance Services

Life insurance plans exist to protect the interests of individuals. These plans should cover all aspects of life including disability and health.

Insurance policies are in place to reduce expenses in unexpected situations.  We can’t predict when something awful might happen so it is important that you are covered, for all situations!

This policies cover such a broad range of misfortunes and complications, making Canada a great place for social security. But one must be proactive and be sure to purchase insurance that will protect one’s self, family and property!

Our Products

Life Insurance

Health and Life insurance policies are important and vital elements in financial planning, for any family.  Everyone should be insured, to cover all situations that may appear unexpectedly. If a family is insured, and the family breadwinner should pass away, their known standard of living will not lower and all normal expenses can be paid (including mortgages and university/college tuition) without interruption.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance plans allow you to receive a certain amount of income, for a predetermined amount of time, in the event of an accident or medical situation. The only reason someone should apply for Disability Insurance is if they cannot work and need an income. Monthly payments, for this sort of policy, are determined by the profession (if any), how long the policy is active and what amount the insurance covers. A contract is only concluded when the user has received maximum insurance coverage – or, in most cases, a percentage of their normal earnings (approximately 60 – 70%).

Critical Illness

We may not be able to predict the future but we should always be ready for whatever is coming our way!

The full critical disease insurance plan list covers up to 26 individual diseases. The simplified list covers 4: cancer, heart attack and coronary and artery bypass grafting. Canadian residents, who are older than 15 days, have the right to either of those plans. The policy user can choose coverage from $30,000 to $100,000.

Final Expenses (Funeral)

You are assured that your family members will not have financial difficulties while you make the final preparations for the funeral procedure. You can be sure that all bills will be paid by the surviving family members with final expense insurance that covers your unpaid expenses.