Critical Illness

We may not be able to predict the future but we should always be ready for whatever is coming our way!


There are two types of plans that can help you ensure your future is protected!


The full critical disease insurance plan list covers up to 26 individual diseases. The simplified list covers 4: cancer, heart attack and coronary and artery bypass grafting. Canadian residents, who are older than 15 days, have the right to either of those plans. The policy user can choose coverage from $30,000 to $100,000.


When – or if- the insured event occurs the entire coverage amount is paid directly to the policy user 30 days after the diagnosis is received by the insurance company. Monthly payments are calculated depending on gender, age and status (i.e. Smoker or non-smoker). Monthly payments for non-smokers can be up to 50% lower than they are for smokers. At the age of 65, there is an option to return all payments if you have not used the insurance policy once in all the years that it has existed. The earlier you buy the plan, the better it may wind up being for you financially!


With critical illness insurance, you are allowed to use the money at your own discretion. No one but you has the right to control the use of the money. 91% of patients who are hospitalized with heart attacks survive. Among men, cancer mortality has decreased by 12% in comparison to statistics in 1991. Among women, mortality from cancer, except lung cancer, fell by 20% in comparison to stats from 1992.


Coverage Period

Insurance plans usually cover periods of 10, 20 years, 75 years and 100 years. With critical disease insurance plans, an individual can protect themselves from all costs associated with life-threatening conditions like heart attacks, stroke, cancer, kidney failure and multiple sclerosis (to name a few). If an individual has one of the diseases on the full list and lives for 30 days after diagnosis, that person will receive the insured amount free of taxation.


In the case of death from the disease, the policy user’s heirs will receive only the amount incurred up to that point. There are ways to obtain a full or partial refund of fees if the insured person was not sick for the entire time period, up until 65 years of age. The amount received in the insurance policy will help ensure payments on debt, mortgage and children’s tuition, regardless of the outcome of the user’s health Insurance companies offer different types of insurance policies for the two types of critical illnesses.


The simplified list contains 4 diseases and the full list which contains 26. Monthly payments are determined by age, health and the time when the policy was first purchased. Purchasing an insurance plan that covers critical diseases will help preserve savings and assets in the event of an insured event. It is highly recommended that you protect your family from a financial collapse associated with a critical illness.

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