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Life is full of surprises.  One day it can start with a sunny morning and end with a thunderstorm that turns your world upside-down.

While you cannot always protect yourself and your loved ones from life’s unexpected hits, you can protect your wallet from unexpected expenses.  It will help to take the money stress out of the picture so that you could focus on really important things – your health and your family.

The most counterintuitive thing about purchasing an insurance policy is that the best time to buy it is when you don’t need it!  It is very likely that in the event of an unexpected injury or illness, an insurance company will not sell a policy to you or it will be much more expensive.  The first step in the insurance application process is for you to fill out a very detailed medical questionnaire. All your health problems must be specified; this information can dramatically increase the costs of your insurance and can cause problems in the future if the information provided is inaccurate. While a person is young and healthy – the cost of life insurance can be very low. As time goes on, various health problems can arise, diseases can be diagnosed and cumulative life or health insurance may become prohibitively expensive.

You may think you are protected enough with your current government health care plans but there are so many things you might not take into account – until they happen.

Contact us for a FREE consultation to get your questions answered and evaluate your personal situation, so that you could make an informed decision if one of our policies suits your needs.

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But not only do insurance policies protect your finances at the time of an event, they can also help maintain general financial well-being. By setting aside monthly payments to an insurance plan, you will always be aware of funds going in and out of your accounts!
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Once with Inna you will never have to worry about your insurance needs again.  She makes it her goal to help clients purchase policies that will guarantee maximum financial benefits with minimal risk based on their personal situation. Inna keeps track of the new products and updates her clients if a more suitable option becomes available, so you won’t miss a better opportunity.  Her main advantage, over competitors, is that she is willing to provide a full and objective information about insurance, savings and investments plans.  Inna is an organized, responsible and punctual insurance broker, a mother of three, a good listener with a warm personality who makes serving her clients a mission, not a job.

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    My Services Include:

    • Consultation on life insurance
    • disability insurance
    • critical illness insurance
    • travel insurance and visitor insurance
    • I offer advice on tax-free savings programs
    • retirement savings program
    • investment programs and savings programs specifically designed for the future education of your children!

    Customer reviews

    1. My name is Alex and I am in Canada on a work visa. I met Inna through her paper advertisement and she told me that even people with a work visa are eligible for disability insurance. This came up because one day, on my way to work I slipped, fell and broke my leg. With the 24 hour coverage plan that Inna helped me choose, the insurance company paid for all my expenses! Thank you so much!
    Thank you, Inna. With your advice, we decided to get my husband a life insurance policy and he was even rewarded a discount price because he’s a non-smoker and in good health. After 9 months, we unfortunately had to take him to the hospital for heart surgery and no insurance company would provide a policy anymore. It was really great that we purchased one before the time of his illness!
    5 months ago I bought an insurance policy in case of disability. A week ago, while at work, I dropped a hammer on my leg. I couldn’t work for a month! From the first day of not working, my disability insurance paid me the amount that I had insured. Thank you for taking the time to explain to me the importance of purchasing disability insurance as a precautionary measure!

    My name is Alla and I came to visit my daughter in Canada, with a Super Visa. I was able to get approved for the visa because Inna helped me pre-purchase the right health insurance plan. Even though I know it’s mandatory to buy, it was helpful to have someone who knows what she is doing! As luck would have it, I wound up getting sick while in Canada and my plan covered all my expenses!
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