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Travelling - Visitor Insurance is required right now!

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This statement is true for both visitors and most new residents of Canada. In most provinces, public health insurance in Canada is not available to immigrants and students for the first few months. When the deadline expires for the region, public health insurance for an immigrant or Canadian citizen becomes available.
Travelers and visitors to Canada must take out Visitors to Canada Insurance. It is highly suggested that individuals purchase a medical insurance policy. The cost of treatment in Canada is high. If you do not have any insurance for emergency medical care, you will have to pay a large amount. Also, do not choose a policy that does not cover hospital treatment. For example, after an appendix is removed, medical bills can start at a minimum of 7,000 Canadian dollars.

The amount will be significantly more if we discuss serious medical interventions or prolonged hospitalization. People with chronic diseases take health insurance more responsibly. However, even a sudden dentist in Canada visit without insurance might seriously derail your plans. That is why Travel-Visitor Insurance Canada must be; it is unpleasant not to have it.
It is essential to take a severe approach to choosing an insurance policy. The insurance price depends on the length of stay, the age, and the selected package of services. Mileni Insure works with insurance plans for New Immigrants, Guests, Families Visitors, and International Students.
Our insurance company will assist you in navigating the complexities of insurance offers and selecting a personalized, cost-effective insurance plan. 
Please, contact us for more information. Our agent will contact you within 24 hours and respond to any inquiries or questions you may have.

The first insurance in the country is a medical policy coming to Canada - Visitors to Canada Insurance (Travel Insurance Canada).