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Dear Friends!
I started this mailing list to share the latest news from the insurance industry with you, warn you about common mistakes related to a lack of information, and remind you of what you should pay attention to.
Dear friends,
I also want to share information about other topics that interest me and that you might find interesting. How to stay healthy, how to change your eating habits, how you can use essential oils in your daily life, or to share recipes and suggestions I sporadically encounter on the Internet.

What exactly would you be interested in reading in my letters? I appreciate your time. I want the two minutes spent reading my newsletter to be well spent!
And in parting, a couple of insurance jokes:
“The essence of insurance is that people who are lucky pay for the failures of people who are not so fortunate.”
Rabinovich laments to a friend:
– Professional stress will finish me off! I suffer from migraines, my blood pressure is off the charts, I sleep terribly, and I just got an ulcer. If I don’t quit, I’ll probably have a stroke or a heart attack.
– Why are you staying with the company?
– Yes, it hurts in our company favorable medical insurance conditions … “
With care to you,
Insurance Agent
Inna Shafir
I will check the current policies at no cost and at a time that is convenient for you. Life changes, the insurance industry, smoking status, and other factors can lower the cost of your insurance.

The first insurance in the country is a medical policy coming to Canada - Visitors to Canada Insurance (Travel Insurance Canada).