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Insurance Agent – Inna Shafir

Life brings surprises and this is wonderful.  Unfortunately, not all surprises are good ones, and the worst of them often catch us unprepared.  As a mother of three and an entrepreneur, I totally understand the pain and the worry. Is it possible to protect yourself and your loved ones?  One thing I know for sure – it is possible to protect your wallet from the burden of unexpected expenses that can be higher than you would comfortably handle.

I got my insurance broker license in 2012 and ever since I have been keeping my knowledge up to date by attending professional seminars and working closely with insurance companies and other brokers.

My goal is to be your guide in this sometimes confusing world of insurance options and provide you with the latest and
complete information that suites your needs so that you could make an educated decision. If you become my client we stay in touch and rest assured I will keep you updated about the better new options for your personal situation as they arrive.

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Inna Shafir


“Where do you think it is most profitable to invest one’s money?

Many people like to invest in their own health, which can be done with a bit of money set aside.

I’ve noticed that this trend has intensified in recent years as wealthy people are turning more and more to their personal well-being over yachts, homes, clothes and other personal property. In the end, these things are fleeting but your health is very important!

For the rest of us, with less to invest in our personal health (if we are lucky enough to be covered by the basics at our jobs or through government health insurance), we turn to personal property. Lucky for you, my job is to make sure that you are placing your money in the right places and securing a financial future for yourself and/or your family.

I decided to get involved in the life insurance career because, when I was buying my own family’s policy, I was very grateful to have an educated, informed and helpful agent who guided me through the many steps. Being able to give back, to new customers or to family and friends, is the main reason I chose to get licensed.

Studying was not easy, to be honest! English is not my mother tongue and I had obligations to my family. There was even a time that I wanted to quit! Thanks to my wonderful husband, who supported me throughout the entire process, I pushed through and received my license!

My first job was at a large brokerage firm, where I garnered experience alongside professionals with many years in the business.

I believe that purchasing an insurance plan is one of the most important things an individual can do! And having the right agent to help you is the key to success. Professional knowledge of the field, as well as great communication skills and emotional intelligence, make the (difficult) process that much easier!

Often my clients get overwhelmed by what they can’t see and sometimes can’t understand; so, I make it my priority to simplify all the plans I offer so my clients get the most for the future!

So while my first job is to try and help a customer select the best policy, I also need to be able to communicate why it is important to do so in the first place!

If I’m successful at that, all I have to do is go through the individual plans and select what works best for your needs! All insurance policies are dependent on so many different factors so it is really important that you go through all your options before you make a selection!

I believe that getting to know my clients is the first step in helping them find a great policy. I must know their circumstances in order to choose the best option and I don’t necessarily want to just know the financial and health information. I think it’s a good idea to know the full picture!

No one’s life is static – year to year someone’s life can change so I make sure I stay in touch with my clients all the time, updating their profiles and offering new products and new policies whenever appropriate.

My client’s trust is what encourages me to continue doing this job! After all, your livelihood is in my hands and I want you to know that is a duty I do not take lightly!

Printed in a journal – MONEY & Success WORLD.

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