First of all, payments throughout the contract cannot be changed.
The monthly payment amount is dependent on profession, age, gender and the pre-existence of any harmful habits (like smoking).
Payments will begin and end according to the full terms of the policy, including the time period the company is obligated to provide compensation.
Simply put, life expectancy is shorter for men and generally speaking, men are exposed to less life threatening conditions than women.
Short term policies are usually purchased by individuals who are in debt and have dependents living in their household. With no savings, it makes more sense financially to purchase a short term plan.
There are are several types:
Simplified, includes 4 kinds of diseases – heart attack, stroke, cancer, and bypass surgery.
Complete, includes a long list of up to 25 diseases.

If you have an insurance plan that covers your dependents (often children) and the policy was not activated until the age of 25, the insured individuals can receive all payments due and the plan will continue without interruption.

Canadian citizens who are 18 years and older can open a Tax Free Savings Account, and can invest up to $5500 per year. You can invest money in previous unused years as well.
For the first 3 months of residence, in Canada, a PR or refugee is not covered by Canadian health insurance plans. Be sure to purchase the plan in advance of your arrival to Canada, as the plan may take up to 7 days to come into effect.
Yes. Truck drivers are at risk and the likelihood of an accident is very high. Simple insurance coverage that lasts for 24 hours can protect the individual from any trouble.
Yes. Another agent can review your insurance policy and can help your family adjust anything in the policy, due to changing needs or capabilities.
Yes. The Canadian government has made it a requirement that all holders of a Super Visa must purchase a 1 year insurance plan for a total of $100,000 coverage. Only with an official receipt can your family members apply with the Canadian Embassy and seek approval for a visa.
You can begin an RESP program when your child is 15 days old and the policy can remain open until they are 17 years old. The sooner you are able to open this program, the greater your guaranteed portion of state aid will be. It is a good idea to open this sort of program up with an insurance agent. Insurance companies often offer a 15% Supplement to your invested cash, which is a good incentive!
Yes, however each situation is individually processed. You can have access to this missing amount, with interest, through an investment in your pension plan but you must purchase the property within 90 days.
If you are a business owner, there are two insurance plan types: individual and group.
Group plans allow you and your employees to write off medical expenses as business expenses.
Individual plans are solely for your family members. These plans allow you to visit the dentist, purchase glasses, see a massage therapist or anything else not covered by national health care.
There are two types of accumulation plans – life insurance and insurance against serious diseases. These are slightly more complicated so if you have any specific questions, please get in touch with me directly!